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KubeCon 2019

The full agenda can be found on Sched.

Cloud Native Storage Day

The Cloud Native Storage Day is one of the tracks that you may select from KubeCon Pre-Event. Since I know that Kurbernetes is great for "stateless applications" so the next step is make sure that we can scale horizontally also with data.

The first talks give a overview about how storage evolved in Kubernetes and what is on the roadmap as next challenges.

It follows with some use cases about how Stateful Applications were deployed Production. From lessons learned Changes must occur at the institution level, humans should not be involved (automation) and humans should be involved (keeps the cluster up and running).

For me feels like a robot vacuum cleaner: You don't mind with vacuum clean you house but you have to keep your robot clean.

We had some lighting talks about StorageOS, Upbound and Reduxion.

On the CTO Panel the question was Do you need a container storage system .

And more Lightning talks with Kasten, VMware and MayaData.

An Interesting Panel about best practices for creating DBaaS using CNS.

And a another Panel about best practices deploying stateful applications.

A session with CSI developers \o/

Bill Plein give a talk about Data protection and DR for Kubernetes.

Lightning talks with Diamanti, OpenSDS and NetApp

The history behind Kasten as snapshop/backups solution.

I run out of battery just before the Panel about Data security for Kubernetes. So would feel wrong to me to try to come up with something later. :p

Finished this first day with a phrase from Charles Darwin: It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Day 1

The day started with the keynotes. What call my attention was the one about the path to join Kubernetes and be a contributor. It's impressive how people that just finished the college had done some much.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast Peter Drucker.

After a short coffee break and a lot of walking I step by a talk about Building images efficiently with Buildkit.

In order to know better how about operators and how to run databases on Kubernetes I moved into the next talk. Neo4j was talking exactly about it.

After lunch I attended to a panel about GitOps.

A nice talk from people from VMware about implementation of Kubernetes into an organization. What patterns can be identified and what pitfalls can we avoid.

One thing that helps a lot to sale Serverless is cost efficiency for specific jobs but may be hard to maintain for general propose applications. Akka may help glue it together.

The rest of the day was about keynotes with shiny new stuff on Kubernetes and Cloud Native and celebration of 5 years of Kubernetes.

Day 2

After the keynotes I decided to start with a Tutorial and since I'm a bit into storage my choice was the tutorial about Vitess.

Some insights about how to monitor and log Kubernetes with Eddie Zaneski from Digitalocean.

What to monitor

We had a nice session about hack Helm and also how to prevent it.

Another interesting session was about how to create a workflow for Machine Learning with open tools.

The second day finished for me with a talk about how to extend Knative.

Day 3

After keynotes I went into a session about how we can just be Functional programmers nowadays.

Loki is a log aggregation tool inspired by Prometheus.

And finally a talk about Helm 3 with spoilers about what will be relased.

Give EMACS a try

After several year using VIM I decided to learn at least the basic of EMACS navigation.

One of the reasons to learn EMACS navigation is to use it into another command line software like BASH.

Here is a summary of simple cursor-moving operations, including the word and sentence moving commands:

Ctrl+fMove forward a character
Ctrl+bMove backward a character
Alt+fMove forward a word
Alt+bMove backward a word
Ctrl+nMove to next line
Ctrl+pMove to previous line
Ctrl+aMove to beginning of line
Ctrl+eMove to end of line
Alt+aMove back to beginning of sentence
Alt+eMove forward to end of sentence

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